Cybernon Network & Server Benefits

Let cybernon protect Critical Infrastructure

Don’t expose your servers and other critical endpoints to cyber attacks due to poor network security. Gain confidence in knowing what devices are connected to your network and who accesses them. Prevent unauthorized access and data breaches that will cost you time and money.

Why Network & Server Security Matters

Adopt a Zero Trust Network with Cybernon

Poor network security will expose your business to data theft and unauthorized access. Common network attacks we focus on are:

Managed by Cybernon

Qualys TruRisk™ VMDR 2.0 is redefining Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Threat Management to help organizations gain insight into their true cybersecurity risks, making it easy to prioritize threats while automating response and remediation workflows. Remediate Server vulnerabilities and more with Cybernon Managed Vulnerability Program.

60% of Breaches are from Unpatched Vulnerabilities

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