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Transport & Logistics

Cybersecurity In Logistics: How To Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyberattacks Hackers have been targeting logistic companies for some time now. With challenges arising from the pandemic, the logistics industry have become prime targets for criminals. Hackers know how disruptive a cyber attack can be on a logistics company and are betting that they will […]

Banking & Financial

Cybersecurity In Logistics: How To Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyberattacks Source Forbes The recent discovery of the Apache Log4j vulnerability poses a significant cybersecurity risk for financial institutions. It allows malicious code to be injected into a Log4j program, which could include downloading and executing a banking Trojan. Despite patching to mitigate the immediate […]

K-12 & Higher Education

K-12 and Higher education institutions being targeted for cyber attacks Often times higher education is not thought of being an industry targeted by cyber criminals for ransomware attacks, however nothing can be further from the truth. K-12 schools are not going unscathed either from cyber attacks and will only get worse in the near future. […]

SMB’s & Startups

Why Cybersecurity First IT Matters to Small Businesses *Source Wired AS A SMALL business owner, it’s easy to read the seemingly never-ending headlines about cybersecurity breaches at enterprise companies and be lulled into thinking that you aren’t a target. After all, hackers are after the massive storehouses of customer data or proprietary information held by […]

Medical Offices

The cyberwar against health care practices While physicians worked to deal with COVID-19, hackers kept busy, too. From January through October of last year, there were 730 publicly disclosed security breaches with more than 22 billion records exposed, according to the cybersecurity firm Tenable. Health care made up 25% of those breaches with nearly 8 […]