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Contractor Onboarding

Onboard Your Contractors With Full Visibility

Onboard Your Contractors with Full Visibility

Cybernon understands the challenges IT faces when HR or Business Departments want to onboard 3rd Party Contractors. Who will reach out to the contractor? How will credentials be delivered? Will they be using their personal devices? These are some of the few but important questions that must be addressed to reduce risk exposure.

Prevent Data Exposure

Many times business lose sight of their contractors. Even though their assignment may have finished their access is still enabled to critical systems. IT cannot be the owner of this process and business is to busy to keep tabs on their contractors. Cybernon fills this gap and provides a streamlined and secure approach to onboarding and most important offboarding of your contractors.

Provisioning of Access

Ensure start and end dates are documented and alert when about to expire.

Principle of Least Privilege

Access is provided only on a need to know basis and nothing more.

Secured Devices

Ensure contractors personal device meets meet security baselines.

Contractor Tracking

Ensure all contractors are tracked and reviewed regularly.

The Bridge between HR and IT

Cybernon bridges the gap between HR, IT and at times the Project Sponsor when onboarding third party contractors accessing internal systems. The onboarding process is covered end to end from vetting out the devices that will be connected to the business, identify start and track end dates of contractor access, scoping out access requirements, review and submit access requests on behalf of the contractor and or owner, and initiate offboarding request when contractor time has expired. Reduce workload and overhead on HR and IT with Cybernon contractor onboarding as a service.

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