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Third Party Risk Management

We provide visibility into the risks your business faces when using third-party vendors’ products or services

Tailored Third Party Risk Management Program

Many times business transfer the risk of letting a third party vendor manage their data and thinking that it is safe. Nothing can be further than the truth, just because you let a third party manage your data does not mean your off the hook. Cybernon builds out a TPRM program for businesses to ensure the vendors will do the right things with their data. Cybersecurity incidents involving third parties are increasing and third-party data breaches are prevalent. Third-party data breaches can be caused by vendors, suppliers,contractors or business partners that may have weaker security controls than the organizations they provide services to. Stolen data may include sensitive, proprietary or confidential information such as credit card numbers, trade secrets, customer and patient data.

Assess Vendor Risk with Cybernon

It is hard enough having to worry about keeping your data safe, it is even harder knowing your data is in the hands of a third party. Cybernon can alleviate your concerns before you onboard a third party vendor to ensure that they are taking the right steps in safeguarding your data. According to the Ponemon research, 59 percent of respondents confirm that their organizations have experienced a data breach caused by one of their third parties and 54 percent of these respondents say it was as recent as the past 12 months. Build out a TPRM program with Cybernon today.

Third Party Vendor Risk Assessment

Get security assurance of the vendor before onboarding them.

Empowering Business to Make Informed Decisions

Get consultation on vendors to avoid.

Streamline Vendor Onboard Process

Align stakeholders when onboarding a third party vendor.

The Bridge Between Business, Vendor

Establish a vendor/business interface that monitors SLA's and data security commitments.

Service Benefits

Third-party risk management is important because failure to assess third-party risks exposes an organization to supply chain attacks, data breaches, and reputational damage. Join Cybernon TPRM program to reduce those risks and be at ease that your vendors are being monitored.

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