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Virtual CISO

Enterprise Grade Information Security Program & Risk Management.

Empower your business

Cybernon builds and manages scalable information security programs to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. We help Start-Ups obtain cyber compliance and partner with businesses for board approval of cyber programs. Empower your business today.

Know your risks

Invest in a Virtual CISO to reduce business risk attributed to lack of an information security program, violation of regulatory compliance laws, data breaches, third party negligence and more.

Manage Internal and External Risk with our Business and 3rd Party Risk Assessment Program.


Development of policies, standards, procedures and establishing a cyber security awareness program.

Security Operations

Real time security incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability management with endpoint, network and cloud security.

Regulatory Compliance

Get or maintain compliance with PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA and more. Establish a security framework NIST, HITRUST, ISO and more.

Security Architecture

Planning, designing, evaluating, and rolling out security hardware and applications that are best suited for the business.

Get Compliant

Avoid unnecessary Fines and Penalties. Ensure Regulatory Compliance with our Business Compliance Program. 

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    Enterprise Cybersecurity

    At Cybernon, quality is our #1 priority. We provide over two decades of enterprise cybersecurity experience in building out information security programs that are tailored specifically to each business. We specialize in startups and SMB’s of all fields. Get a managed robust, scalable cyber program including a dedicated SOC team for your business today.

    60% of breaches are related to an unpatched vulnerability

    Get patched! We can help!

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      Let Cybernon prevent costly data breaches for your business.