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SOC as a Service

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Full Incident Response

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is a security model where a third-party operates and maintains a managed Security Operations Center. 

There is no shortage of SOC providers out there. The shortage is in finding a Quality SOC service that really understands how to manage a security incident end to end. More often than not SOC services act as a ticketing responder that have inexperienced Level 1 analysts not being able to triage correctly, confirm a true positive, escalate incidents in time and more. What happens is instead of getting a Managed Security Service Provider you end up getting a Managed Service Provider (minus the Security) just responding to tickets. 

Cybernon places the focus on the quality assurance of handling a security incident. That means having the ability to think outside the box and view security incidents in line of what a bad actor would do to further exploit an environment. Our SOC provides Network Monitoring; Log Management; Threat Detection and Intelligence; Incident Investigation and Response; Reporting; and Risk and Compliance. 

Cybernon 360 SOC Service

Cybernon operates continuously, we provide 24/7 monitoring, detection and response, and remediation of detected security incidents. Cybernon ensures threats are contained and neutralized quickly, drastically reducing the “breakout time” a  bad actor needs to gain access, deploy exploits and begin moving laterally in your environment. 

Use Case Development

We bring expertise in use case development for the monitoring of security incidents.

Enhanced Cyber Maturity

Improve your cybersecurity maturity in having a dedicated SOC team at your disposal.

Playbook Development

We build out playbooks for ransomware, lateral movement, cloud incidents and more.

Affordable Price

Affordable does not mean less quality. We pride ourselves in delivering quailty service.

Cybernon Benefits

Cybernon’s 360 SOCaaS offers many important benefits to organizations as compared to a traditional on-premises SOC. 

One of the main benefits of our SOCaaS is the “mean time to contain” a security incident. MTTC is the time it takes from an incident being determined to be in a priority for remediation (triage) to when it is contained from creating further damage or risk. We leverage a combination of advanced technology and automation with experienced human oversight to properly manage a security incident with containment and quality being the focus.  

Cybernon provides organizations with access to specialized security experts without having to hire or retain such people full-time. These individuals can be leveraged during specific security incidents to analyze activity and remediate accordingly. Those skillsets are limited in the marketplace and often times not practical to retain such talent in-house, especially for SMB’s, and Startups.

Finally, one of the most common causes of breaches are unpatched or outdated software or operating systems. As IT teams become increasingly short-staffed and overburdened, this is one area that can be easy to neglect, opening the door for would-be hackers and cybercriminals. Cybernon SOCaaS ensures that someone is dedicated to monitoring vulnerabilities and offers a vulnerability and patch management program to prevent bad actors taking advantage of weak systems. 

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    Quality Incident Response

    At Cybernon, quality is our #1 priority. Responding to an incident is not enough. Being able to handle an incident, knowing when to escalate, think outside the box is the most important. Our analysts have the technical experience and know how to correctly read, contain and remediate an incident in the shortest amount of time.

    60% of breaches are related to an unpatched vulnerability

    Get patched! We can help!

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