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Cybernon is a Cybersecurity First IT Support Provider that is based in Chicago Illinois. We offer a full range of IT Services to businesses that do not have the time or resources to do so on their own. Our goal is to be your IT while protecting you from today's cyber threats.


Founder of Cybernon

My name is Adam Menos and I’m an IT and Cybersecurity professional. I grew up in IT with my father owning a computer business in the early 90's. I started out early providing IT Technical Support to customers, then Server Network Administration and now Managing Cybersecurity for major companies. I love what I do and enjoy managing IT for businesses while keeping their data safe from today’s cyberthreats. My mission is to provide a Cybersecurity First - IT Support Service to small and private businesses. 

1990’s - Today

For the past 20 years, I have worked with companies across North America and Europe, from IT Integration at the Athens International Airport to the Oil and Energy business of ExxonMobil and Germany’s E.ON. Now back to the United States Managing IT Security for Non Profit Organizations.


Managing IT Support, Data Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Risk Management. Enabling businesses to grow and succeed by making informed IT decisions is what Cybernon is all about.

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There is no shortage of Managed IT Services Providers out there. Our focus is on cost-effective, efficient IT that is based on a cybersecurity first approach and tailored to your business. Not expensive reactive solutions that cost more money and may not align with business.


Cybernon Solutions

Cybernon provides IT Support from a Cybersecurity First approach. You get best in class Data Security that will keep you business safe and always running.

Professional Services

Get Help with Cybersecurity Strategies, Third Party Risk Management and More.

IT Support Services

Get Managed Technical Support with Cybersecurity First!

Virtual CISO

Enterprise Grade Information Security Program & Risk Management.


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