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Cybersecurity In Logistics: How To Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyberattacks

Hackers have been targeting logistic companies for some time now. With challenges arising from the pandemic, the logistics industry have become prime targets for criminals. Hackers know how disruptive a cyber attack can be on a logistics company and are betting that they will get paid via a ransom rather than a company suffer downtime and crippling costs.

The Value of Logistics Data

Supply chains are part of a complex system where data and information are shared through system integrations. The interconnectedness of the logistics industry creates multiple points where sensitive information is susceptible to a cyberattack. The more links in a supply chain, the more vulnerable the data becomes.
What kind of data is valuable? Inventory data, delivery, and arrival dates/locations, and operational data involving air, ground, and maritime cargo transportation; just to name a few. Typically, criminals will break into a company’s system and hold the data for ransom until it receives payment.
Seattle, Washington-based logistics giant Expeditors International on Sunday announced the disruption of its global systems as a result of a cyberattack.
The Fortune 500 company said it had shut down most of its operating systems, and in an update shared on Monday informed customers that its operations had still been impacted.
“While our systems are shut down we will have limited ability to conduct operations, including but not limited to arranging for shipments of freight or managing customs and distribution activities for our customers’ shipments,” the company stated.
A majority of sophisticated ransomware attacks involve not only the encryption of files on compromised systems, but also the theft of sensitive data, which the cybercriminals threaten to publish on dedicated leak websites if the victim refuses to pay a ransom.

How Can Cybernon Help? We Protect Logistics and Transport Operations

We protect your internal systems against malware using a comprehensive vulnerability managment program, advanced endpoint detection response solutions, multi-factor authentication, disaster recovery backup and restore that will protect your data from a cyberattack.

Our security solutions are built to detect the threats that others ignore.

Cybernon partners with logistics and transport companies with mmediate IT Support that is Cybersecurity First. Our services protect your data and operational uptime by:

Third Party Risk Assessment

Many times, cyber threats come from partners within your supply chain network. To increase efficiency in the logistics industry, you and those in your network must access shared online platforms. Therefore, you need to be cognizant of new vulnerabilities that arise. Even though you cannot control others’ security measures, you can choose to work with partners that conduct regular security audits or have external security certifications. You could also devise a contract that requires your partners to adhere to basic cybersecurity measures. Cybernon will assist in these areas to minimize the risk of who you partner with.

Hire a Cybersecurity Expert, Hire Cybernon

While the aforementioned methods will significantly reduce cyber risks, the threat can never be fully eliminated. A skilled cybersecurity expert is trained to protect data and keep system vulnerabilities at bay. They are aware of the latest security risks and protective measures. And in the instance that your systems are breached, they conduct a full investigation and create a plan of action.
New cyber threats pop up almost every day; so, improving your company’s cybersecurity should be a high priority. The best logistics companies are well-aware of all possible cyber risks and use the necessary measures to protect their data and systems.

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